Solicitor Sundeep Soor and Counsel Nick Robinson Secure Dismissal in High-Stakes Money Laundering Case

In a significant legal victory, Solicitor Sundeep Soor and Counsel Nick Robinson from 5 KBW Chambers successfully obtained a dismissal in a high-profile money laundering case. The charges, brought by Trading Standards, alleged widespread fraudulent trading throughout the southeast of England, with a particular focus on targeting elderly victims.

Over the course of several years, Trading Standards conducted an extensive investigation into allegations of fraudulent trading on a significant scale. The investigation revealed a network of criminal activity that purportedly exploited vulnerable individuals, specifically elderly victims. The accused individuals were suspected of engaging in money laundering activities related to the illicit proceeds of this fraudulent trading operation.

Facing the daunting prospect of a trial scheduled for mid-2024, the client sought legal representation from Solicitor Sundeep Soor and Counsel Nick Robinson. The legal team meticulously prepared their case, focusing on the evidence and legal arguments to challenge the allegations against their client.

With a robust application, Sundeep Soor and Nick Robinson convincingly argued for the dismissal of the charges. The court acknowledged the strength of their case and granted the application, resulting in the charges being dropped against their client. This decision spared the client from the stress and financial burden of enduring a lengthy trial, which is still scheduled to proceed for the remaining co-defendants.

Due to the ongoing trial involving the co-defendants, it is currently not possible to provide further specifics regarding the case.


The successful application to dismiss the money laundering allegations brought by Trading Standards marks a significant victory for Solicitor Sundeep Soor and Counsel Nick Robinson. Their diligent efforts and strategic legal arguments resulted in sparing their client from a potentially protracted and costly trial. While the trial for the remaining co-defendants is set to continue in mid-2024, this outcome showcases the importance of skilled legal representation in navigating complex cases and protecting the rights of individuals caught up in such allegations.