Defence Legal in the Media

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge backlog in the courts’ system, the prior decade of ­government cuts to police, CPS and court staff has led to many facing a record wait for justice. The proposed changes to Magistrates Court sentencing powers will not in my view assist the Crown Court backlog.

The Ministry of Justice’s latest figures showed a record of almost 61,000 cases waiting to be heard in Crown Courts, and 364,000 cases in Magistrates’ Courts across England and Wales.

I was recently invited to speak on BBC Radio 5 live with Nicky Campbell, BBC Radio Nottingham and I also spoke to The Mirror about my client who is facing money laundering charges at Leeds Crown Court. I explained how the investigation started in 2016, charges were bought in 2020 and recently the case was initially given a trial date of 2025 which would have meant a 9-year wait for my client who was only 21 at the time of the alleged offence.

Investigations are taking on average 3-6 years in financial crime cases before a decision is made. This is becoming increasingly regular and impacts greatly on the lives of the suspect and victims.