COVID-19 Fraud

It has become clear that the UK Government schemes to assist people during the Covid-19 pandemic have been abused by some. The authorities have sent clear messages that fraud will not be tolerated.

Some of the possible areas of abuse include:

  • Loan Scheme Abuse
  • Furlough Fraud
  • Eat Out To Help Out

Our fraud specialist solicitor Sundeep Soor states: “Any government scheme is open to abuse. There is a risk to employers and organisations who have flouted the law that HMRC could consider criminal investigations and prosecution for any abuse of the Covid-19 schemes. Dishonesty offences such as cheating the public revenue, fraud by false representation or conspiracy to defraud could be considered by the authorities. Any action presents a serious risk for businesses as well as negative publicity. As well as having to pay back monies further strict financial penalties being imposed are likely as well as imprisonment in the most serious cases.

It is imperative that early expert advice is sought, and a strategy put in place.

Please read my article on COVID-19 Fraud which sets out the different types of fraud and how I can assist anyone affected